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Advertising on presents a unique advertising opportunity for companies seeking to target people interested in wireless telecommunications services.'s content is tightly focused on one topic - wireless. Visitors exposed to advertising on are people who are actively seeking information about cellular, PCS or other wireless telecommunication services. offers the following advertising opportunities:

Enhanced ZIP Code Listings

The Opportunity:

Enhanced ZIP Code Listings give wireless companies the opportunity to add features to their listings that make it more likely that a web site visitor will contact a listed company and become a new wireless customer.

With an Enhanced ZIP Code Listing, wireless carriers can add all of the following elements to their listing for any ZIP code.

  • A direct link to the company's web site.
  • A company logo or graphic.
  • A short promotional text message/tag line of up to 50 characters.
  • Enhanced listing appear at the top of the ZIP Code search results.
  • Monthly tracking and traffic analysis reports.

(NOTE: This sponsorship is open only to the wireless carriers already listed for each ZIP code.)

The Value:

Qualified leads are delivered to directly your doorstep. If a visitor has come to and entered a ZIP code to search the database, they have already pre-qualified themselves in two critical ways.

  • They have an interest in cellular or PCS services.
  • They need those services in your licensed coverage area.

When presents a list of wireless choices for a ZIP code, your company name, logo, and slogan will stand out and make it easy for potential customers to take the next step and contact you.

ZIP Code Targeted Banner Ads

The Opportunity:

On every ZIP code search results page, there is ad space. These ads can be delivered according to the ZIP code used to search the database. Sponsors have the opportunity to buy any ZIP codes they want to target for marketing purposes.

The Value:

For Wireless Carriers: These sponsorships take the increased visibility of the Enhanced ZIP Code Listings one step further.

For Other companies: Since these banner ads are delivered according to ZIP code, the ZIP Code Targeted Banner Ads are valuable to any local or national company that wants to target residents of specific geographic areas.

General Web Site Sponsorships

The Opportunity:

There is available ad space throughout the web site. The content of these pages will be of interest to residents of all areas of the country, who are seeking information on wireless telecommunication services.

The Value:

Visitors come to our web site looking for information about wireless services. If people of that demographic group are your target market you will find them here without wasting impressions on people not in the target market. This space is very much like buying a keyword on any of the search engines, but even more targeted; visitors to have taken yet one more step to prove their interest and qualification to buy wireless related product and services.


For more information about any of these ad placement opportunities and pricing, please contact by email at:


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