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Hearing Aid Compatibility

Wireless phones can cause problems with hearing aids due to interference from electromagnetic energy emitted by the phone's antennas, backlight or other functions. Since 2003, the FCC has adopted specific hearing aid compatibility rules for wireless phones. Hearing aids are rated according to their immunity to radio frequency interference and each wireless phone is rated by how likely it will cause interference. For use with 'acoustic coupling' hearing aids, phones are rated in the range M1 to M4 and in the range T1 to T4 for use with 'inductive coupling' hearing aids. Higher rating numbers indicate less interference. Phone manufacturers and wireless service providers must offer a range of hearing aid compatible phones with differing levels of functionality and display HAC ratings on device packaging and their websites. The FCC more fully explains HAC and offers advice to hearing aid users in this guide: Hearing Aid Compatibility for Wireless Telephones

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